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About Us

Dr. Sandra Roth
Treasure lifter

Leadership & team coach, organizational consultant bso, trainer & managing director

I hold a PhD in psychology and am a bso certified coach, supervisor & organizational consultant and Leadership Circle® Certified Practitioner, facilitator and trainer of the LEGO® Serious Play® method, and Product Owner.

With my background of psychology & coaching and over a decade of leadership experience in global organizations, I work with individuals, teams and organizations to establish a more productive, inspiring and motivating work environment.

My coaching concept combines various theories into an integrative approach. I integrate elements from cognitive and neuroscience, Gestalt and systems theory, among others, and apply the most appropriate methods in mutual consultation depending on the client and concern.

Areas of hands-on expertise from over a decade as subject matter expert, team and department leader:

  • Customer and User Experience
  • Research & Development
  • Software Development
  • Medical Device Development
  • Mobility Services
To relax and recharge I regularly do sports, enjoy being in nature, painting, reading, listening to scientific audio books, and spending quality time with my two children, my husband, my extended family and my friends.

Dr. Kristin Warnecke
Impulse generator

Coach, Organizational Consultant, Project Leader & Trainer

I am a ISO and ICI certified coach, organizational consultant and certified facilitator and trainer, including the LEGO® Serious Play® method. I have a PhD in agricultural and food economics.

With this background in agricultural and food economics and 10 years of experience in top global companies, sustainability is a recurring focus of my work.

As a project manager, I have led numerous optimization projects to success and changed structures sustainably. As a manager, I have trained cross-functional teams. In four corporate acquisitions and integrations, I was responsible for the successful implementation of best processes and practices in new teams.

Through my work at university for several years, my coaching training and numerous completed trainings, I have learned how to accompany individuals and teams in a goal-oriented way and support them in achieving their goals.

People around me say I ask the right questions, bring insights to light and can show new perspectives.

I am passionate about working in and with teams. I am looking forward to meeting you and your team to inspire with new perspectives, insights and results.


Dr. Gertraud Ehrlich-Weinreich

Coach, team coach & Trainer

In my many years of professional life, as a biologist/biochemist with a PhD, I have worked in the areas of research & development and management in leading global healthcare companies and international teams and have led various development projects.

Through the part-time Master’s programs in Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems and Knowledge Management, as well as my coaching education, I have had the opportunity to interact with people from very different professional fields and life situations, to gain new learning experiences and to apply them in my professional and private environment.

With my knowledge, my experience in various leadership positions and roles, as well as being a certified coach and supervisor, I can support and advise you on how to find new options for action and thus solutions when stressful situations arise or on the path to change.

We are three business women with a combined force of 3 PhDs, more than 50 years of professional experience in the fields of development and purchasing of medical products, food industry, mobility, software development.

Our core competences are in the areas of coaching, consulting, leadership, education, and training.

We use our joined forces to live ourselves what we aim for our clients. For us this means: We combine our strengths as a team, complement each other, and continue to develop for a successful and balanced life.

Learning and development never stop and new impulses from outside are infinitely enriching.

Origin of the name "Savvista"

Savvista is made up of two terms: Savvy and Vista.
Savvy is English and means “smart”, “clever”. Vista is Spanish and has the following meanings: “look”, “view”, “perspective”.

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