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Our ultimate goal is for you and your team or organization to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

With our customized services, we support you in fostering a new-age leadership, building effective teams and successfully shaping change. We also guide you in implementing new ways of working such as agile transformation, building self-organized teams and hybrid working.

We offer

  • Leadership coaching & development
  • 360º Leadership Assessment (Certified Practitioner Leadership Circle Profile™)
  • Leadership culture analysis (Certified Practitioner Collective Leadership Assessment™)
  • Team building & development
  • Vision & Strategy development
  • Change Management consulting
  • Training courses for teams for various topics

At savvista, we strongly believe that success in any organization can be achieved through creative thinking and effective leadership.

Contact us today to find out how we can support you, your team or organization achieve your goals.

Scope of service

360° Leadership Assessment & Development

Führungs- und Teamentwicklung

Do you want to know your organization’s leadership effectiveness?

Are you interested in supporting your leaders unleashing their leadership competencies and at the same time reducing their reactive tendencies which limit their potential?

Leadership Circle Profile™ creates awareness of how your leaders show up in their current positions and uncovers their individual development potential. It works seamlessly with the Collective Leadership Assessment™ (see below).

Culture Analysis & Collective Leadership Assessment

Führungs- und Teamentwicklung

Would you like to receive an overview of your team, business unit and/or organizational culture?

Are you interested in building readiness for change at the group level?

Collective Leadership Assessment™ reveals you how your people view their currently lived leadership culture, and compares that perception to the optimal culture they desire. This gap reveals key opportunities for leadership development.

Vision & Strategy development

Organisations- und Strategieentwicklung

You would like to address relevant organizational topics effectively and efficiently?

For example

Let us support you and your team with creating a new sense of purpose, derive a clear strategy and define a concrete action plan.

Team development & team building​​

Do you want to move mountains with your team?

Would you like support for your teamwork and team development?

Do you have difficult issues or a conflict in your team and would like a professional outside perspective and approach to solve them?

Talk to us, because a capable team needs more than capable people.

Change Design & Change Management​​

drawn picture of change curve

You are planning a change in your organization, department or team and want to setup a straightforward yet professional change management process?

You face a big change in your organization and would like to support your team during the transition to keep up motivation and performance?

You are personally affected by a change? 

We provide professional assistance for developing options and planning your course of action.

Holistic training courses for teams

All our training courses include theory, practice and reflection to create a sustainable learning and development experience.

This 8h training course covers the following topics, among others:
– Measuring and evaluating virtual distance
– Assuming perspective and building trust
– Development of appropriate working techniques
– Self-competence and communication

For the transition to agile working we offer individual training courses, among others the following topics are covered:
– What does agile mean?
– Agile methods
– Communication
– Personal responsibility & Self organization
– Leadership in an agile environment

High-performing teams require high psychological safety and effective and efficient work methods. This training includes a survey of psychological safety and team performance. Based on the results, we create a suitable training program.

We design customized training programs for your team, based on your needs. Upon request, we also offer assessments to identify the most promising development areas.

We offer our training modules either at your site, at a seminar location of your choice or for groups of up to 10 participants at our headquarters in Honau, in the Lucerne area and remotely by arrangement.

Contact us

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