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We are offering a wide range of services for individuals from 360º Leadership Assessment, leadership coaching to work-life balance coaching. Whether you are an executive, team leader with direct reports, a subject matter expert, or part of an agile team.
Individuals in high-demanding positions like you, are facing complex problems and difficult situations almost every day. There are times when too many challenges pile up and putting out fires becomes a regular task.
Our coaching programs are designed for just such moments. We accompany individuals in acquiring new skills and developing a mindset to be better equipped for future challenges. Together we analyze your situation and work collaboratively with you to determine the best course of action.

This is how coaching works with us

1. Non-binding initial online meeting to get to know each other and to clarify the assignment

The relationship between coachee and coach is the most important factor for successful coaching. During the first meeting it is decided whether the chemistry is right and the request fits the coaching offer.

2. Coaching contract with topics to be covered, goals and approximate number of sessions and frequency.

Typically, coaching lasts 2-6 months with approximately 4-6 sessions at intervals of 2-6 weeks. The coaching agreement can be terminated at any time by either party. With us you do not buy a pig in a poke, i.e. after each session the coachee decides whether another session is necessary and in how many weeks this should take place.

3. Start of the coaching sessions

Each coaching session includes a goal definition at the beginning and a reflection and evaluation of the session at the end. During the session, appropriate methods are used, which are discussed together in each case.

4. Conclusion of the coaching

At the end of the coaching, an overall evaluation of the process takes place.

360° Individual Leadership Assessment & Development

Do you want to evaluate on your own leadership effectiveness?

Are you interested in unleashing your leadership competencies and reducing your reactive tendencies which limit your potential?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ creates awareness of how you show up in your current position as a leader and uncovers your individual development potential.

Contact us and we will discuss the specific process.

Leadership Coaching​

a drawing of three different leadership styles

Which team will be the most successful?

Are you new in your leadership role, maybe even in an agile environment, and wish for guidance during this transition phase?

Is there a leadership challenge coming up you would like professional support for?

Do you need a sparring partner to discuss leadership topics in a safe environment?

We will discuss your need and find an individual approach for your solution.

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your current situation and is balancing your professional and private life becoming more and more challenging?

Do you feel as if you get less and less done even though you work more and more?

Are you not sure (anymore) if you are on the right track and if what you are doing is really what you want or should be doing?

Get in touch with us. We understand your situation and will guide you towards your individual life balance.

Exclusive training courses for individuals in groups of 6-8 people

All our training courses include theory, practice and reflection to create a sustainable learning and development experience.

This course is designed for future leaders or individuals who would like to assume a leadership role.

Strengthen your resilience attending our 4 x 2 hours modules:
– Recognize stress
– Reduce stress
– Control stress
– Activate resources

Find your individual life balance and learn how to maintain it attending our 3 x 2 hours modules followed by 2 x 1 hour refresh sessions after 4 and 8 weeks.
– Your energizers and energy guzzlers
– Your life balance status and ideal life balance
– Plan your implementation

Become more self aware and also more successful in social situations with our 8 x 2 hours modules covering following topics:
– Cognitive biases
– Individual mental models
– Self image & Identity
– Communication

We are offering our training courses at our headquarters in Honau, Lucerne area, as well as remotely.

Contact us today

via email
or phone
+41 76 327 3993.

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